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Installation of the OpenOCD toolchain

OpenOCD can be installed on Windows, Linux and OS-X. However, this manual is limited to Windows.

In order to use OpenOCD, the correct USB drivers must also be installed. The USB Drive Tool is used for this purpose. However, the USB Drive Tool is only available for Windows.

Installation of the USB driver

  1. Download the USB drive tool. Extract and run it.
  2. Connect your FT2232 based programmer. If you use the Zybo board, connect the board.
  3. Identify the USB serial converter, which connects to the JTAG bus
    • If you use the Zybo board, it should be follwing device:
      • Device name: USB Serial Converter A
      • Vendor ID: 0403
      • Device ID: 6010
      • Interface: 00

        Picture 1: USB Drive tool
  4. Right-click on the device and select the WinUSB driver to install the driver
  • If you want to install the default driver choose “Restore default driver
  • Do not install a different driver for “USB Serial Converter A”. It is probably the driver for the UART connection.

Installation of OpenOCD

  1. You can either compile OpenOCD from the source code or download the precompiled binaries for Windows, which is the preferred method
  2. Extract the archive to your computer
  3. The executable binary is located under: openocd-0.10.0/bin-x64/
  4. The user manual is located under: openocd-0.10.0/
  5. Get ntbboards.rar and unpack it into your openocd-0.10.0 directory
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