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Using the GDB with deep

OpenOCD must already be running if the gdb is to be started.

The following script can be used to start the gdb:

$Env:Path += ";D:\GNUArmEmbeddedToolchain\6-2017-q2-update\bin"
cd C:\WorkingDir
arm-none-eabi-gdb --command=gdbInit.txt
  • In the first line, the installation path must be adapted.
  • The “WorkingDir” is the path where the compiled deep application is located.

The “gdbInit.txt” contains commands that are processed one after the other when gdb is started. Of course, these can be adapted.


set extension-language .java minimal
file M:/MA/stabs/loopWithSTABS
dir M:/MA/stabs/
target remote localhost:3333
monitor reset halt
#monitor halt
monitor reg pc 0
  • set minimal configures the gdb to accept *.java source code
  • file loads the compiled deep application as binary image or ELF file
  • dir defines the WorkingDir for the gdb. This is particularly relevant for source lookup.
  • target remote localhost:3333 connects the gdb to OpenOCD
  • 'monitor reset halt uses the OpenOCD command halt to reset and stop the target
  • 'load loads the machine code directly to the target
  • monitor reg pc 0 sets the program counter to 0
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