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Getting started


  • PC running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows
  • Java Developer Kit 6 or newer
  • Eclipse 3.8 or newer
  • A MPC555 or MPC5200B based controller board

Set up

  • Ensure that you've installed an up-to-date JDK.
    1. Download the JDK from the Oracle website.
    2. Install it by using the setup assistant
  • Install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.
    1. Get the newest version of Eclipse for Java Developers.
    2. Unzip it into C:\Program Files\eclipse or C:\Programme\eclipse, respectively.
  • Install the deep Eclipse plugin from our Update Site.
    1. Start the Eclipse IDE (eclipse.exe)
    2. Open the plugin installation dialog: Help → Install New Software…
    3. Add a new plugin source: Add… → Name: NTB Plugins, Location: → OK
    4. Add the plugin by checking deep Plugin for Eclipse from category „NTB“
    5. If you want to use deep with the MPC555 and the USB-BDI, select also the USB to BDI host interface plugin.
    6. If you have Java version 9 or later, select also the LibusbJava plugin for eclipse
      • Follow the instructions of the plugin installer
    7. If you use an ARM target instead, i.e. the Zybo with a Zynq, install the OpenOCD toolchain first.
  • Install the deep runtime library by extracting the ZIP archive from the download page to C:\Programm Data\deep\trglib (Windows), /opt/deep/lib (Linux) or any other location.
  • Start Eclipse and open the deep perspective.
  • Go to Window → Preferences → deep Preferences and change the default library path to the location where you've extracted the runtime library.
  • If you want to use deep with the MPC555 and the USB-BDI, you need to install the necessary drivers and LibusbJava:
    • Windows:
      1. If you have Java version 9 or later and already installed the LibusbJava plugin for eclipse, you can skip this step. Else install libusbJava first (see installation instructions of LibusbJava). If you have installed the NTB Windows Driver Package first, install libusbJava and then install the NTB Windows Driver Package again.
      2. Install it by using the setup assistant. The selection of the suitable drivers is done automatically (64 bit).
  • Linux:
  1. Install LibusbJava for Linux with the Installation Instructions on the LibusbJava page

First steps

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