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 </​code>​ </​code>​
-16. //Run// will compile, link and create ​the image file. Use an external ​debugging ​device such as an [[http://​​infoportal/​embedded_systems/​abatron_bdi/​start|Abatron BDI]] to download the program. +16. //Run// will compile, link and download ​the image file. For downloading and debugging [[openocd:start|OpenOCD]] will be usedMake sure to have it installed
- +
-If the boot loader //uBoot// is present on the board, it will start up and configure the memory and clocksNow, it's possible ​to download a program without using an Abatron device. For this, you have to choose in step 4 the target configuration //Phytec PhiCORE-MPC5200uBoot//​This configuration is valid for the //tiny// and the //io// board. ​  +
-Connect a terminal program on PSC3 with 115200, no parity, 8 bit. Also connect the Ethernet of the board to your local server, which must have a TFTP server running. Run the following command: <​code>​tftp 0x400000 myDir/​test.bin bin</​code>​ +
-Please make sure that your image file resides in the right directory on your TFTP server. Finally start your program with <​code>​go 0x400100</​code>​ +
 ===== Example on mpc5200 ===== ===== Example on mpc5200 =====
 If you use a mpc5200 platform the following steps have to be altered: If you use a mpc5200 platform the following steps have to be altered:
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