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First Example

Hello World with System.out

Running Demo Programs

The deep runtime library offers a couple of demo programs, e.g. using serial output or flashing a led. Create a new project as given above and open the deep project file. Navigate to Referenced Libraries entry in the Package Explorer and find a suitable demo program, e.g. ch.ntb.inf.runtime.zynq7000.microzed.demo.Blinker

Edit the rootclasses entry in the deep project file as follows

#	enter names of rootclasses, e.g.
#	rootclasses = "test.MyFirstTestClass","other.MySecondTestClass";
	rootclasses = "ch.ntb.inf.runtime.zynq7000.microzed.demo.Blinker";

Create a run configuration and run the program as given in Hello World with System.out

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