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deep Eclipse Debugger

A word of caution

First use your brain.
Using a debugger is very time consuming and in case of using an operating system and interrupts can be very misleading. Use the debugger carefully and sparingly:

The debugger for deep eclipse is based on the eclipse debugger framework and is similar to the Java debugger. However, compared to the Java debugger it has some limitations.


Only line breakpoints are supported. Any other breakpoints such as class, method or conditional breakpoints or watchpoints are ignored.

The maximum number of breakpoints depends on the hardware. With the MPC555 we can set 4 breakpoints.
Warning: certain code sequences may need more than one breakpoint to work. As an example:

for(int i = 0; i < 1000; i++)

Here the debugger needs one breakpoint for the initialization of the variable i and another one for incrementing i.


The deəp debugger shows in the variable view only static fields (class variables). Local variables which are allocated in registers or on the stack cannot be displayed. We do not support expressions either.

Stack Frames (Debug View)

Stack frames cannot be manually cleared from the stack.

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