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Getting started


  • PC running Linux, Mac OS X or Windows
  • Java Developer Kit 6 or newer
  • Eclipse 3.8 or newer
  • A MPC555 or MPC5200B based controller board

Set up

  • Ensure that you've installed an up-to-date JDK.
    1. Download the JDK from the Oracle website.
    2. Install it by using the setup assistant
  • Install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers.
    1. Get the newest version of Eclipse for Java Developers.
    2. Unzip it into C:\Program Files\eclipse or C:\Programme\eclipse, respectively.
  • Install the deep Eclipse plugin from our Update Site.
    1. Start the Eclipse IDE (eclipse.exe)
    2. Open the plugin installation dialog: Help → Install New Software…
    3. Add a new plugin source: Add… → Name: NTB Plugins, Location: → OK
    4. Add the plugin by checking deep Plugin for Eclipse from category „NTB“
    5. If you want to use deep with the MPC555 and the USB-BDI, select also the USB to BDI host interface plugin.
      • Follow the instructions of the plugin installer
    6. If you use an ARM target instead, i.e. the Zybo with a Zynq, install the OpenOCD toolchain first.
  • Install the deep runtime library by extracting the ZIP archive from the download page to C:\Programm Data\deep\trglib (Windows), /opt/deep/lib (Linux) or any other location.
  • Start Eclipse and open the deep perspective.
  • Go to Window → Preferences → deep Preferences and change the default library path to the location where you've extracted the runtime library.
  • If you want to use deep with the MPC555 and the USB-BDI, you need to install the necessary drivers and LibusbJava:

First steps

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