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 ===== Register Usage ===== ===== Register Usage =====
-Registers can be classified as //​dedicated//,​ //​volatile//​ or //​nonvolatile//​. //​Dedicated//​ are register with a special purpose, such as the stackpointer. //​Volatile//​ means, that this register might be used any time. It does not have to be stored when another method is called. //​Nonvolatile//​ registers must be saved in the prologue of a method before they can be used and after use they must be restored. The number of volatile and nonvolatile registers must be equal for all methods. ​+
 | Register | State | Use | | Register | State | Use |
 | R0 | volatile | method prologue, scratch register | | R0 | volatile | method prologue, scratch register |
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